Friday, October 27, 2023

Mixed Media Madness

The inspiration theme for the Funkie Junkie Inspiration Ave this time is Mixed Media Madness.  I was curious what the internet said about mixed media and did a search and captured a few pieces of the results to share. The simple definition of mixed media  "the use of a variety of media in an entertainment or work of art."  Google Dictionary results from oxford languages  Right below that was a few other questions and answers about mixed media which I found interesting as well:  "Mixed media is a type of visual art that combines more than one medium or material. This can take many forms, but the three most common are collages, assemblages, and sculptures. Many mixed media artworks feature different materials such as paint, fabric, paper, and found objects."  - The institute for Arts Integration and Steam

I decided to try to mix up my textures and mediums on my art and go small with my designs. 

I started with leftover backgrounds from an inky mix of mica stain sprays on white cardstock.

On that base of inky backgrounds I layered in tissue tape across the bottom of the atc.  Then stamped over the surface and embossed with embossing powder to make the image pop. 

Then some small dragonflies punched out from an embossed background were added to add a layer of texture.  

Then using the same background the floral trims were stamped and embossed onto that background.  Then watercolor pencils were used to add a hint of color to the flowers and leaves. 

The bottom  have of the atc was painted in brown acrylics and embossed with brown embossing powder.  There were multiple layers embossed to make it thick enough to stamp into.  The script stamp was inked in versamark and stamped into the warm embossing powder to create a reverse image. 

I repeated the effect with different colors and a different embossed background on the bottom. 

After I did my first series I thought about using other bits and pieces to create more texture and different effects.

I again pulled a leftover inky background to start a few of my different pieces.  I had a shimmery metallic silver form the mica stain sprays and cut it up into pieces where I liked the effect of the spray.
Then I used those pieces by pulling out pieces of different embellishments to layer and create an effect.
I had fun trying different embossing and stamping techniques with different mediums.  The background for the in the summer was created with a smeared brown paint with script stamped using a white ink.  To preserve the effect it was clear embossed.   The reset was layered tissue tape with an punched butterfly removed and placed above. 

The background on this was stamped using mica stain spray as the ink and then layered over an embossed gold background.   

For my final piece of tiny art I added some mica stain spray smeared on with a paint brush on the top and bottom.  The feather was in my leftover bin and already had the gold tip.  The heart received a touch of gilded wax to turn it from clear resin to a golden heart. 

I hope this has you inspired to mix your mediums! 



Friday, October 13, 2023

Make A Scene

We were challenged by the Funkie Junkie Inspiration Ave to make a scene this time around.  I was thinking what did I have that represented a vignette or a scene... 

Well.... the beautiful lion from Finnabair's Regal Lion mold was my inspiration.  I was thinking about creating a series of items that would fit in a treasure chest.  I heated up a big batch of gold and black embossing powder and poured that into the molds.  I let them cool off and popped out the pieces.  The embossing powder I had was mixed ended up with more black on the images than gold.  I wanted more gold to prevalent,  so I used the metallique wax to smear over the surface and add the gold highlights.

You can see the various pieces from the molds mixed in with the other treasures.

Then I decided to work on additional goodies to fill the treasure chest.  I pulled out pearls (Tim Holtz's bubbles or baubles work great) and had them ready to put in the treasure chest.   

I also envisioned gold doubloons and decided to create my own.  I started with cut circles die cut  from cardboard.  I covered both sides with versamark ink.  Then they were dipped into the mix of gold and black embossing powder.  Heated up to melt all off the embossing powder.  I repeated this multiple times to increase the depth of the embossing powder on the coins.   You can either re-ink with versamark and dip back into the embossing powder or heat up the coin holding it with rubber handled tweezer and dip it back in again and melt it right away.   Then to add an image to the gold coin you will ink up the stamp you want to use with versamark and then heat up your coin until the embossing powder is molten or soft and then place the stamp into the heated embossing powder.  Press down and leave to cool off.  Once it is cool you can pull the stamp out and have an impression on the embossed surface and your stamp will be clean.  (I only do this with the rubber stamps) 

There also had to be a treasure map!  I cut a piece of scrap paper and spritzed it with the same mica stain sprays used on the outside of my chest.  After it dried I added stamped script on the inside along with picking up some extra inky stains.  Then it was wrinkled and rolled up and tied with some twine. 

The remainder is a mix of shimmery buttons, old fake jewelry and a watch fob to add to my treasures!

To create the treasure chest: 

  1. I drew a template for my box along with the circle for the arch on the sides of my top. 
  2. I cut all the pieces based on my measurements and template. 
  3. I ran all the cardstock through the texture fade cracked. 
  4. I sprayed them all with two mica stain sprays (fallen acorn and unravelled)
  5. I then assembled my box.  I reinforced the inside with sheets of cardboard that were sprayed to coordinate. 
  6. The top was cut in strips to emulate wood strips.  They then were applied to a sheet of cardstock that was attached to the arched ends.   This was also reinforced with a rectangle of cardstock around the bottom.

The decorative trim is the lace dies cut from tissue paper and embossed with gold embossing powder.  They made a beautiful decorative edge around the corners.