Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Sheet Wonder - Cornish Heritage Farms Challenge

We are getting ready to go on a road trip... I was in a hurry to get everything done. The last challenge at Cornish Heritage Farms was the one sheet wonder... (Masterboard to me)

I created this masterboard:

which needed to be divided and used on multiple projects. I won't be creating anything while we are on our vacation.. :( No inking for me but will have lots of family time!

So I will share a few of the cards made from this paper. I didn't like everything I created mostly due to quick creations but I will share some of the ones I did like the effect of.

All the stamps will mostly be from Cornish Heritage Farms.

This fun background was created using glimmer mists first and then inking up the stamps multiple times with multiple colors and layering them in.

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  1. Hi, Sue! I've tried doing a masterboard a few times, but I've never liked the results. I think I don't leave enough space for the stamped images to breathe or something. Can't wait to see yours! :-)

  2. Oh how I love this!! I thought if I click on it I would get a more detailed look... but it didn't work. One of these days you must give us a download of one of your masterboards, I would love to play with this!!
    You too - have a wonderful time when you hit the road!!

  3. So Pretty SUZZ...Hope you have a Wonderful Family Vacation....

  4. Family time is just the BEST. Have a wonderful vacation Suzanne!

  5. I love the final result! Perfect for projects and thanks for the how to also! Hope your road trip was great family fun!


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