Friday, January 19, 2024

It's Cold Outside!

We are definitely feeling the cold this week!  We are sitting at -31 degrees with the windchill. Perfect time to sit inside and craft a bit!  The Funkie Junkie Boutique design team is showing off their cold likes and dislikes at The Funkie Junkie Inspiration Ave.  I was inspired by frosted windows that had such beautiful crystalized designs.  I wondered if I could emulate that with the Frosted Crystal Embossing Medium from Tim Holtz/Ranger. 

To create a frosted pane: 

  1. Start with a heat resistant acetate sheet. 
  2. Sponge over the stencil with Versamark ink. To get your pattern onto the acetate. 
  3. Sprinkle with the Frosted Crystal. 
  4. Heat up the embossing powder until the crystal shows.  (Don't overheat as eventually the crystal will melt and you will just have a clear embossed image) 

The frame on the cardstock was created with the same process. 

  1.  Lay the stencil over the front of the card. 
  2. Sponge on the Versamark ink. 
  3. Repeat pattern until front of the card is covered with inky pattern. 
  4. Sprinkle with Frosted Crystal. Shake off excess. 
  5. Heat up the embossing powder. 
  6. Smear gold wax over surface to create highlights.

Then cut out the inside of the card base and use for the additional layering on top.  I also used a bit of the excess from the middle to die cut the bird to place on the front of the card. 

I loved the effect of the Frosted Crystal and decided to try the same process on white cardstock. 

The tag was created by: 

  1. Sponge versamark ink through the stencil onto the white cardstock. 
  2. Repeat until surface area is covered. 
  3. Sprinkle Crystal Frost Embossing powder over surface.  Shake off excess. 
  4. Heat until the frosty effect occurs. 
  5. Spray with a mix of distress oxide and micas stain sprays. 
  6. Spritz with water to lighten the effect and dab with paper towels to take off excess ink.
 The next panel was made with translucent embossing paste.

To create the snowy effect: 

  1. Lay stencil over heat resistant acetate. 
  2. Use spatula with translucent embossing paste and apply to acetate. 
  3. Repeat until covered with snowflakes. 
  4. Sprinkle Frosted Crystal Embossing medium over surface and tap off excess. 
  5. Some will cling to the acetate.  (I used a fine tip brush to brush off the excess) 
  6. Heat emboss the snowflakes and the embossing paste.  The embossing paste will puff up which gives it an additional layer of texture. 
  7. I wanted a full frosty panel so I took one more step of inking up the complete reverse side with Versamark and applying the Frosted Crystal Embossing Medium over the entire surface and then heated it up. 

This panel looked like a frosted pane of glass and was very cool!  

Keep warm! 



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