Friday, August 18, 2023

By the Numbers

 The Funkie Junkie Inspiration Avenue is focused on numbers and how they can be inspiring!  The numbers had me cutting out numbers, stacking numbers and looking for numbers in patterned papers.

I spent time using left over pieces of cardboard in various depths to cut out multiple sizes and quantities of different numbers.  I made sure I had enough of each number to stack at least 3 of each number.

I taped together the numbers to provide a series of stacked numbers.  Then the numbers were layered and placed randomly over the back of the card base.

The next background used a singles of each number and randomly placed across the backdrop.  Then the background was painted with white acrylic paint.

After a couple of white acrylic paint coats were applied and dried a mix of mica stain sprays were used to apply a shimmery background effect.
This background used a mica stain spray and the antique bronze distress stain spray.  The paint itself provided a layer of texture to the background.

This background used the merry mint along with a distress stain spray to give a mixed patina of green with brown hints.  

The card  used the Halloween backdrops from Tim Holtz to provide the numbers. 

The inspector was stamped using archival ink and then highlighted with color using watercolor pencils.  A remnant background piece spritzed with distress stains was added to layer in a different effect.  A piece of rusty metal (found in a parking lot) was added in the background.  A variety of metal numbers were embossed in gold and added to layer in.  The Inspector's hat got a final touch with a stamped metal piece. 

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