Saturday, November 29, 2008

Last Minute Gifts

This is another entry in the Hero Arts weekly challenge for last minute gifts. The idea came from my daughter Kaeli. She liked when I was paper piecing the Snowman's hat a couple of weeks ago and she said you should make some other outfits. This idea has been percolating and when the challenge was last minute gifts I decided to make a stamped version of paper dolls.

This is the front of the little gift. What you can't see is the Cats are in a little acetate pouch on the front. So they have a storage compartment. They don't have any clothes on right now.

The inside is where all the clothes, accessories, hats and scarves are stored. I attached 2 sheets of acetate.

Here are the young ladies with two of the frocks on...

A couple of fun things...

  • There are extra eyes so they can switch the eye color.
  • The gems, pearls are for necklaces and bracelets.
  • Use repositionable tape from Kokuyo to attach the paper products to the acetate.
  • The cats are made from glossy cardstock.
  • The cats need a dab of repositionable tape on them to assist in sticking the outfits.
  • Included is the white version of each piece to allow them to use as a template/color in their own version.
  • There is extra space on the dresses area to add more items.


  • Hero Arts - Dancing Cat
  • Hero Arts - Cap and Scarf Penguin
  • Hero Arts - Lace
  • The Paper Loft - Grandma's House, GH108- Herb Garden/Annie's Apron
  • Basic Grey
  • October Afternoon

This was a lot of fun to create... thanks for stopping by and taking a look.



  1. love this--hope you win at hero arts!

  2. Reminds me of Colorforms! Great idea! :-)

  3. Love your new blog look! This is an ideal gift for a young girl - you are so creative!

  4. Wow! How creative is that! and how adorable. I love them both!!! and they have each other to play with!


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