Friday, September 29, 2023

How Scary is that?

Back for some scary inspiration?  The Funkie Junkie Inspiration Ave is focused this time on scary inspiration from the new releases for Halloween!  

The inspiration for me was the spooky skeleton from the Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz The Obscure stamp set.  His creepy blank stare had me thinking of ways to showcase him on a few cards.

I decided to cut him out and open up the empty places on the skull by cutting them out with detail scissors.  I then folded the image slightly to give it space behind the skull.

Than it was all about the fun inky backgrounds made from the mica stain sprays.  I mixed a variety of colors together and used them on the background of the card and for the feathers.

The feathers were die cut from the backgrounds and then staggered on the headdress.  The headdress was also bowed outwards to give space to overlap on the skull.

The other background was made with the textured fade cracked embossing folder with a mix of mica stain sprays to give the beautiful golden brown background. 

I hope you enjoyed the scare! 



Friday, September 15, 2023

Fall Colors

Hi!  I love fall!  The colors are beautiful as if the trees were changing their outfits to highlight the weather change.  At The Funkie Junkie Inspiration Ave we are highlighting fall colors. 

When The Funkie Junkie Boutique sends you your goodies, they always include a little packet of something fun!  I love those little surprises and I always keep the glassine bags they come in.  I used those as my starting point for my fall colors inspiration.
I have to admit I am in love with the Mica Stain sprays.  I embossed the glassine bags using the new Tim Holtz Cracked texture fade folder to emboss the bags.   Then I spritzed the bags with a mix of the Mica Stain Sprays #5 (Unravelled, Fallen Acorn) to add my fall colors.  I also used the Mulled Cider in addition to the Fallen Acorn to color the ribbons and twine.
After the bags were embossed,  I took the various bird dies and slipped them inside of the glass bag and put the die cut facing up.  Then I ran the die through the cutting machine.  I ended up with a series of bags with different bird cut outs.  I wanted my bags to still function as a gift bag, so I cut out sheets of acetate to attach to the inside of my bag.   
After the bags were ready then it was a matter of finding other accents to embellish the goody bags.
A die cut wreath spritzed with the mica stains along with various flowers, mummy cloth and stamped sentiments added layers and interest.

I love the shimmer and how pretty the gift bags are and they are ready to be filled with halloween treats! 



Friday, September 1, 2023

Cut it Out!

 Hi!  The Funkie Junkie Boutique Inspiration Ave is focusing on the cool new Sizzix Tim Holtz Die Cuts!  I had a little fun creating some Halloween cards with the new die cuts! 

I love when the trick or treat starts and all the kids run around in their costumes!  These adorable kids out trick or treating was very fun to play with.

I wanted to highlight them with a little color behind them with a watercolor pencil.  I also added some white lines on the black backdrop to give them movement. 

I paired them with a stamped background to give them a backdrop to shine against.  After I tried that I needed a little moonshine to help them on their way!   A sponged moon with Mr. Owl watching over them set the perfect scene! 

In my second card I used the Boo die cut as a mask and sponged all over it to create a background.

After the background was sponged I stamped over in the same pretty die ink to give it texture.  I then used the cute witch in my die cut Halloween!

You can see I even used a little splattering of the new mica stain sprays over the background! 

For my final card I mixed and matched the two dies 

The background was stamped and sponged to coordinate with the Boo die cut.  I layered it onto the background die but cut out the letters to highlight the background. 

The new dies are fun and have me inspired for the cooler fall weather! 



Friday, August 18, 2023

By the Numbers

 The Funkie Junkie Inspiration Avenue is focused on numbers and how they can be inspiring!  The numbers had me cutting out numbers, stacking numbers and looking for numbers in patterned papers.

I spent time using left over pieces of cardboard in various depths to cut out multiple sizes and quantities of different numbers.  I made sure I had enough of each number to stack at least 3 of each number.

I taped together the numbers to provide a series of stacked numbers.  Then the numbers were layered and placed randomly over the back of the card base.

The next background used a singles of each number and randomly placed across the backdrop.  Then the background was painted with white acrylic paint.

After a couple of white acrylic paint coats were applied and dried a mix of mica stain sprays were used to apply a shimmery background effect.
This background used a mica stain spray and the antique bronze distress stain spray.  The paint itself provided a layer of texture to the background.

This background used the merry mint along with a distress stain spray to give a mixed patina of green with brown hints.  

The card  used the Halloween backdrops from Tim Holtz to provide the numbers. 

The inspector was stamped using archival ink and then highlighted with color using watercolor pencils.  A remnant background piece spritzed with distress stains was added to layer in a different effect.  A piece of rusty metal (found in a parking lot) was added in the background.  A variety of metal numbers were embossed in gold and added to layer in.  The Inspector's hat got a final touch with a stamped metal piece. 

Thanks for dropping by!



Friday, August 4, 2023

Distressed about Paints?

 Hi!  The new theme at The Funkie Junkie Inspiration Avenue is all about paints.  I love to watercolor and play around with watercolor pencils so I decided to switch it up and use white acrylic paint and showcase how pretty it is when used as a base for other mediums. 

I am a big fan of the Crest layering stencil and I used it to create my various ideas and samples.

The first background that was created used the Tim Holtz backdrop paper.  The crest layering stencil was placed on the paper and  white acrylic paint was sponged over the stencil to create a base coat.  While it was still wet fine glitter was sprinkled across the wet paint to add a shimmer to the paint.  

After that additional sprinkling of white paint was splattered across the surface.  Then the entire paint was heated to dry and set the glitter.  

Next a brown distress ink was sponged over the surface and water splatter was added to showcase water spots.  Then some splattering from a distress stain spray was added to add darker water spots.  

After that the background was cut to fit the card front and was accessorized with the beautiful flowers and added to a white card base. 

Next a variety of backgrounds were created on white cardstock, black cardstock and mixed media paper. The stencil was laid onto the surfaces and white acrylic paint was sponged over the stencil to repeat the crest. 

Each white acrylic painted image was treated differently to get a different effect.

For the white on white image I experimented with the crayons and water color pencils.  With the crayon it naturally rubs over the surface and applies a lovely layer of color.  The bottom was rubbed off with paper towel and spritzed with water to soften the effect. This was done without the stencil in place.  It reminded me of being back in school rubbing crayons over leaves under a sheet of construction paper.

The watercolor pencils gave a beautiful soft effect over the white paint.  The water brush was used to pick up the color from the tip of the pencil and then painted over the stencil image.  It created an easy way to blend the various colors together. 

The next project was to see if I could get a lovely shimmer on the black cardstock.

The white background was a perfect foil for the mica stain sprays.  They shimmer on the black background and on the white paint.  

For the next few images the mica stain sprays were applied over the acrylic paint.  The first one was applied while the paint was still wet and the stencil was laid over the painted background while the stain was sprayed over the image.

The stencil was removed and water was spritzed over to spread the color and allow it to pool and blend. 

While the stencil still contained paint and mica stain I laid it on another scrap of paper and used the same paint sponge to drag the color over the stencil and onto the background. 

That effect was much softer and distressed in the image it provided.  Another lovely background to play with.

For my next background the stain was sprayed after the paint had dried.

After all the backgrounds were created I trimmed down the different backgrounds to create different size backgrounds for tags, cards, and other projects.

I hope this has you inspired to pull out your paints and play! 



Friday, July 21, 2023

Summer Fun

 Hi!  Summer Fun time at the Funkie Junkie Boutique Inspiration Ave!  

I think of our flowers when I think of Summer.  We have a wide variety of flowers in our yards and I enjoy wandering around to see what has started blooming.  

I love the beautiful floral trims stamp and used them to create a simple summery card.

The image was stamped with archival ink to make it waterproof.  I then used the watercolor pencils to color to put a layer of color on the image.  Then with the waterbrush I spread and lightened the colors to create shading.  

After the first layer of red orange I added a highlight of yellow watercolor pencil.  I blended them together along with coloring the leaves of the plant. 

To finish the card I stamped a simple sentiment with black ink on the bottom right corner.  

A quick summery card to send off to a friend! 



Friday, July 7, 2023

Favorite Tim Holtz Products

 The Funkie Junkie Inspiration Ave is highlighting the team's favorite Tim Holtz products.  What a challenge... There are many different things that Tim has inspired over the  years.  I just picked a handful of different products to use that are all favorites! 

I started with Ranger Distress Inks and Stain Sprays.  What is not to love about the distress products from Ranger and the fabulous colours that they have inspired! 

I spritzed, dragged ink on the craft mat and then spritzed it to pick up the spots and the variations and flicked more ink on the background.

I love that you can use scraps of cardstock to pick up the excess ink left over from other projects.

After the inky backgrounds were created I stamped some backgrounds using archival inks and then embossed with gold and brown embossing powders.  

Then I dug out some of the very pretty transparent layers to accent the backgrounds.  I attached them and used fun embellishments to clip on the sentiments.  The Stampers Anonymous Tiny Text stamps are always out on my desk and probably get the most love of my stamps! 

I hope this is inspiring you to pull out your favorite products from Tim and get inky! 



Friday, June 23, 2023

Floral Trims

 Hi! I love coloring and the new Stampers Anonymous Floral Trims gave me the chance to play around with coloring in the flowers.  I know I have shared before the various ways to color stamps but I thought it would be fun to create a series of tags using the same stamp, layout and color scheme but vary the mediums. 

I spent some time stamping the image on different paper types using the same archival ink.  I then pulled out my copic markers, watercolor markers, 2 types of watercolor pencils and my distress ink pads.  I had on hand my waterbrushes to use for the various mediums.

The first tag using the watercolor markers.  A good stamping friend taught me her method of coloring the images watercolor marker and I have to admit it is one of my favorite techniques.

I used watercolor paper for this image and stamped the image with archival ink.  Anything permanent and resistant to water is the important thing to remember with all of these painting/coloring techniques. 

To color this image I started with the darkest color in the middle and then used the waterbrush to spread the color outwards.  I repeated to get the shading where needed.  Then I highlighted the center with a white gel pen.

On the next tag I used plain cardstock. (The watercolor cardstock would have worked just as well ore even better.)

This was painted with distress inks smeared on the acrylic mat and then the ink was picked up on the waterbrush and painted over the surface.  I repeated with multiple colors to get more of a softer muted effect. 

For the next image I used watercolor pencils.  I love using pencils as you can control the placement and intensity of the colors when first applied.

This was stamped on white cardstock.  It would also work well on the watercolor paper.  The watercolor paper usually has more texture and can sometimes cause the stamp to ink as clearly.  I like to use the plain cardstock unless I need more water on the medium.  

I colored the areas I wanted to shade in and then used the waterbrush to soften and blend the shading.  I will wait until it dries and then come back in with more shading to get a deeper color in the shaded areas.  

I had a new set of Ranger Distress Watercolor Pencils and I used them on my next stamped image.  Again this is on white plain cardstock. 

The main difference on this image is I had less choices in my colors as I had limited pencils. But I used the same technique to shade in the areas of color and use the waterbrush to soften the edges.

For my last two tags I used Copic Markers to color the images.  There is a slight difference in the two images and it has to do with the cardstock.  The first one was a sheet of cardstock I found in my drawer and it is one that can be used for Copic markers but it didn't blend as well as I would have liked.

To get the movement you need to blend the colors you need a paper that will allow the ink to seep and blend.  I went out and purchased a special paper intended for Copic Markers and tried a second version which blended and mixed the colors much better.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of coloring with the new Floral Trims!



Friday, June 9, 2023

Get Ready to Travel!

Hi!  I am sharing a post for the Funkie Junkie Boutique Inspiration Ave on travel!  This past month has been a bit hectic with a little bit of roadtrip fun.  It had me thinking about traveling the world and postcards! 

I worked on a card and multiple postcards.  I shared the front and backs of the postcards.
I mixed in some stamping along with a touch of die cuts.  I love postcards because they are all stamping!

For the cardbase: 

Mask the top and bottom of the card with washi tape.  Sponge blue dye ink over the open cardstock.  Cut out the globe from white cardstock.  Sponge the globe with various shades of green dye ink. Splatter the surface of the inked areas to create water spots.  

Stamp the air mail and  stamp images using the same dye inks from the globe and background. Cut the stamped images out and distress the edges.  Stamp the sentiment with black ink and cut out.  Ink the edges of the sentiment with the blue dye ink.  Ink the edges of the snapshot with the green dye ink.  Attach the stamped images with a clip. Assemble the card.

Now you have a fun little adventure and travel card ready to go for someone ready to embark on a trip! 

For my next projects I created a variety of postcards.  I used various stamps on 3 1/2 x 5" postcard bases

For the next postcard:

Stamp the image on the left side with black archival ink.  If you are planning on sending a postcard I always try to use water resistant ink.  If you use a dye ink you can cover it with clear embossing powder or a sealant.  Stamp the postcard stamp across the side of the image leaving the right side open for the address.

On the flip side the images were all stamped in the same black archival ink and a few lines to write a note were drawn using a permanent marker.  

The next postcard using the soft tan ink with a hint of watercolor pencil to accent. 

Stamp the image with Pebble Beach Archival Ink.  Stamp strip down the center by masking the stamp and inking and then removing the mask and stamping in center of postcard.  Stamp Postal Card across top with same ink.

Stamp the image with light brown ink and add accents with watercolor pencil.  Stamp sentiment along right side. 

For the back of the postcard the globe was die cut and applied to the postcard.  The edge was covered with washi tape and the sentiment stamped along the edge.  The address stamp was masked on the stamp with post it notes and then inked up.  Then then the post it notes were removed and the word address was stamped on the right side.  

The front of the post card is a snapshot and a few stamps were stamped over the image to add some travel vibes. 

For my final postcard the Inspector is peeking over the edge.
Stamp the inspector using black archival ink.  Mask the inspector with a second stamped image of him cut out and placed over the original stamped image.  Ink up the circle stamp and stamp over the masked image.  Then layer in the other stamps using the blue, black and brown inks.  Finish with sponged archival ink around the edges.  Flip the postcard over.

Stamp the images using archival black ink an the plan with the blue dye ink. Sponge the endges with the brown dye ink.  Draw a line down the center with black permanent marker.  Distress the background with some inky smudges using brown archival ink. 

I hope this has you thinking of travel plans!