Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sometimes the destination is not what you had planned..

Do you ever start down a path with a card and then when you finish up you are not sure you like where you ended?

That is how I feel about this card. I had this piece of light wood from Kodomo which I sprayed with glimmer mist and embossed with the rangers adirondack embossing powder. It was too dark so I added the white highlights and kept going. :) I tried to place it on the card with the same colors and overall ended up with a very dark card.

So I am not sure if I like this card as much as I did the scrap I started with but I wanted to move onto other scraps.
I thought I would share are a few outdoor shots of our yard. This is the peak time for all my flowers and I love to walk around and enjoy them.
These are the flowers which were the snow mushrooms in the winter time. I don't cut them down in the fall as I like the texture of the dried flowers.

This is the front corner of our house and the window is where I work in my craft space.

I was just enjoying the contrast of the deep maroon and the light pink flowers.

This is the same bed with all the lavendar but the top layer. We have two layers on one side of our house.

And last but not least is one of the reasons I have been spending less time creating cards.. This is Ms. Emma she is 5 months old and part beagle and collie. She has tons of energy. Way more than me so we are always trying to come to an agreement on how to use up that energy. (Making the kids do running laps with her. :)

Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by..



  1. Dropping by to give you a big congratulations on being published big time, so excited for you!! Will go get my issue of Take Ten today! :)

    Gorgeous card as always, you have been on the roll lately!! You also have a gorgeous yard, beautiful flowers!! Thank you for sharing the photos, they are beautiful!!

  2. Way!!!!!

    Congratulations on Take Ten!!
    AND on your Hero Arts win!!

    This is your week/month/year!
    Gorgeous card, btw!!

  3. Hi, Suzz! Ms. Emma is adorable!!! Such a cutie! :-)

  4. I have the same issue with many of my cards. What I have in my mind is usually not what I end up with. But I try to finish everyone of them so I don't have so many scraps laying around. I don't know what your piece was meant to look like but I think it looks great. Very earthy and such an interesting combination of shapes.

    Your gardens are so pretty and your dog is such a cutie!

  5. I love your cards textures, colours and patterns! Green is such a great colour to work with! What a beautiful garden you have, love the pink flowers!

  6. Cool card. Love the flowers too!

  7. Your card is beautiful and yes, I often wonder where I have been, but more often how I got where I did when the project is over. LOL I love you card. It has such rich colors and the ribbon, slide, and the pearls really tie it all together nicely!

  8. I was so excited about the cards, I forgot to tell you that I really enjoyed the flowers and that cutie pup of yours too. Her look is priceless!


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