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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cornish Heritage Farms - Scene Challenge

I had one last challenge for the CHF challenge. This week's challenge was a scene challenge. I decided to make a pocket watch in a pocket on a tweed jacket. Tell me do you think this resembles that?

I decided to use another card for my challenge and instead shared it here with you. :)




  1. Hey Sue!
    I love your background on this (the blues and whites - like a sky)..

    I've got the pocket watch, and pocket, but not the tweed jacket .. Harringbone instead???

    But love your gorgeous blues, white and creative idea!

    Hey.. I still have not done my scene! And, I LOVE the one you put in the CHF gallery..

  2. Dear Sue,

    love this card! And because I love your blog, I would like to give you The Beautiful Blogger Award! Just hop over to my blog and grab it!


  3. I Love your Card Sue...The Blues and browns are wonderful....

  4. Hi, Sue! Lovely masculine card! :-)


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