Monday, May 17, 2010

Blog Candy Winner!

Quick post.

I wish I had a card to share too, but we have been busy this weekend and I was teaching on Saturday, Sunday (sunday school)  and teaching today so my time was spent cutting card kits instead of creating.

Any ways without further ado....

Random org number generator selected number 7! 

That comment was from Jacqueline! 

I will send out your goodies soon! I am off this week from work so it will definitely get in the mail.

I did have one picture to share. Not card related...

We have hanging baskets we hang on our front porch and for some reason the birds like the one at the end on the side of the house.  Look what they do every year:

Which means we lose those flowers every year. They hang under the porch so it doesn't get rain or water unless we take them down to water them. So we leave it alone to not stress out the mama bird. :) And when I took this picture I had to stand on the chair sitting on the porch and reach over and click.

Well have a lovely day! Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. They are much appreciated!



  1. A big congrats to Jacqueline! I love your new header, Suzz! Is that also a picture of flowers from your yard?.....gorgeous! And thanks for sharing the photo of the nest! How sweet! So fun to check on it once in awhile and see the eggs, baby birds, etc. Have a wonderful week off! :)

  2. OH WOW - I've had such a wonderful weekend and now I'm also getting so blessed today! I am so so thrilled about it! I can't say thank you enough Sue - so so happy!
    Thanks for sharing that gorgeous photo too!! How wonderful to have eggs in that beautifully woven bird's nest, blue ones and splotchy at that!! I'm going to show my son when he gets home.
    Once again - a huge thanks and have a great week!

  3. Yay for Jacqueline! LOVE the new look of your blog - summer is coming! When we used to hang plants on the front porch, we had the same problem; once they even tried building in the wreath on the front door! Great picture, thanks for sharing, Suzz!

  4. Ay,ay,ay, que cosa mas bonita que les dejes tu maceta para su nido, eres en todo una artista.

  5. Congrats to Jacqueline and i love the photo of the birds nest. It is just lovely having Nature so close.
    BTW - love the flowers on your blog header - so bright and cheerful

  6. congrats to Jacqueline!! thanks for sharing the lovely photo!

  7. Congratulations, Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing an awesome photo--and I love your blog header! Are those poppies? Stunning!

  8. Awe! Can't wait to see what hatches from those eggs! The Quail hatchlings are running around the desert right now & they look like little fluff balls! :)

  9. congrats to Jacqueline, love your new banner and thanks for sharing the adorable story about the basket/nest... so beautiful.

  10. Congratulations to Jacqueline! Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photo! Love the new banner... it's gorgeous!!

  11. congrats to Jacqueline!! Just love the photo of your hanging pot with the bird nest!


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