Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lovely Lavender

My mailbox smelled so wonderful yesterday. I received a beautiful gift package from Jacqueline!  I wanted to share all the goodies in my package with you.

She sent me this lovely tag:
I love how she blended the colors so beautifully and it is so serene and lovely.

A beautiful card
Jacqueline always mixes her dreamy collages together with such soft and lovely touches.

The most wonderful lavender sachets.
Which was the reason for the wonderful smell in my mailbox. Love that she stamped and created such wonderful sachets.

Thank You Jacqueline!



  1. Wow lucky you Suzz, the cards are so pretty and the Lavender bags must smell beautiful. I have just been to France and all thew Lavender products are so beautiful, I love that fragrance!!

  2. So happy they arrived safely, TFS!
    Just squeeze them when they seem to loose their scent and it will back in no time!

  3. So sweet of Jacqueline! Love everything she sent! She does such beautiful work!

  4. What a lovely surprise and so beautifully crafted!
    Val x

  5. What a wonderful parcel to receive from your friend.

    Lesley Xx

  6. Beautiful creations. I especially love those Lavender sachets. :)

  7. Just beautiful. I can just imagine the wonderful smell of the lavender. I did some bags a few years ago...the smell is divine.

  8. She is such a lovely person and so generous, Gorgeous gifts.
    hugs Lynn

  9. Oh I can smell it from here! Such a great gift!

  10. What a wonderful surprise and so thoughtful of Jacqueline to send you these beautiful items! Don't you just love the scent of lavender!


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