Monday, December 29, 2014


Hi there!  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  We had a lovely time and are still all home and enjoying family time.  Unfortunately my BIL and his girlfriend lost her longtime cat over the holiday. 

I wanted to do something for them and happened to have a photo of their cat which I used to scrap a page for her.

I still would like to add the years in white below his name and am waiting for my BIL to let me know when he was born.

I searched on pinterest for a few ideas of what I wanted to do with the photo and was quite pleased with the end result, and I think she will like to have this memento  as well. My DH is going to get a frame.

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  1. So thoughtful and kind. What a lovely memento of a much loved pet, Jo x

  2. It is so hard to lose a pet you've had for years...what a wonderful remembrance for them. I love the string and the cute little cat die cuts.


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