Friday, September 30, 2016

Un-finished Projects

Hi!  I have been a terrible blogger this month.  Things have been very busy at home and I have been creating but not finishing many things.  I finished this card last week but then realized it was very similar to a series of cards made previously with this stamp. :)

I also have a ton of half finished projects.  I start them and walk away because I don't know where to go with them next.

Like this attempt to play with a glaze resist over stamped text and color bursts.

or this a stencil outline with another stencil layered in with embossing paste.
 This was me still playing with the glaze resist. 

I have a bunch of ideas half started and not finished.  These will go in the backgrounds pile to hopefully re-surface into a finished project at some time.

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  1. I love what you create Suzz, and even more, I love that you experiment all the time. Like you there are piles of unfinished things which await a final direction here and it's usually when something totally unrelated lands on top that I find a way through the mental block. Hope time pressures ease for you and you get the chance to finish a few of those beautiful projects xx

  2. It was fun to see your works-in-progress and that you shared a situation I have also found myself in. These creations have so much potential, I look forward to seeing what you might make with them. Let karma be your guide.

  3. The finished card looks fantastic and your experiments look brilliant too!! Here's hoping you will find the time to finish them, as I would love to see how you will use them in the end, - no matter what, I just know they will turn out great!

  4. Looks like we use the same way of cardmaking :) Lots of half finished cards here too. But so handy to have some "backgrounds" ready if you need a quick card.
    Thanks for sharing these beauties! Love them.

  5. Oh I can resonate with unfinished projects Sue, I behave a tub of them which really should be got out and completed, just need some time lol. Thanks for sharing your beauties with a s xxx


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