Friday, March 3, 2023

Aren't We Lucky?

 Hi!  I am back today to share a post for the Funkie Junkie Boutique Inspiration Ave.  The team are sharing their inspiration around Aren't We Lucky?  

In my family we have a few St. Patty's Day birthdays coming up and it had me thinking about the 3 leaf clovers and how they bring luck.  I decided to use the hearts dies to create the leaves of the clover and  a few flowers. 

I thought it would be fun to use alcohol inks and yupo paper to create some clovers and flowers using the stacked hearts dies. 

The alcohol inks are magical in how they apply to glossy surfaces.  I have found that playing with them is the best way to get to something that you like.  For this effect I will give you just a few tips and let you explore and see what effect you can achieve.

  1. Start with Yupo paper.  This will help the inks move on the surface.You can use translucent or white Yupo.  
  2. I usually put down a base of alcohol blending solution to allow the alcohol ink I am applying to spread.  
  3. Then I will drip on the different colors allowing them to spread.  I will usually let the circles I drip dry. 
  4. Next drip a different color or the alcohol blending solution over the original circles and by themselves. Let the second layer dry. 
  5. Repeat with as many layers until you have beautiful circles overall. 
  6. Using the alcohol application tool drip several drops of blending solution onto the felt.  Dab over the surface
  7. This wills soften the edges of the circles and give the small bubbles of white across the surface.  If you blend too much you can always come back and add more drips of color and blending solution.

For the purple alcohol ink background I did two additional steps.  I added an alloy to give a silvery metal effect and I added salt to the pools of alcohol ink.  After it dried I brushed it off and it removed the pockets of color. 
Then I decided to cut out my many many hearts in varying sizes to make my flowers and clovers. 


Assembling them was easy as I took a big circle glue dot and attached it to a scrap piece of cardstock.  I then arranged the hearts around the circle.  I cut little stems from the extra pieces.  

I also decided to use some mica stain sprays to create a series of hearts and made a second card.

I stamped a mix of images using coordinating brown and green dye inks and then attached a few of the clovers along with a few embellishments.  

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