Friday, August 1, 2008

Ink drops on roses.. (Or Agapanthus?)

Can you guess what this is? A much loved applicator for my alcohol inks. My good friend Lisa made this for me as my starting toy to work with alcohol inks. She purchased the handle at the hardware store. Cut a circle from velcro that had a sticky back. Stuck the velcro on. I have since gone and bought felt from the craft store and die cut circles. Than I realized why worry about circles? So I just started cutting funny looking squares because it really doesn't matter as long as it covers the top of the velcro. I shared this so if you need a second one or don't have one this is a cheap alternative. :)

Now onto the card that I wanted to share. I made this card awhile ago and decided to post it up today. I love playing with the alcohol inks and this uses 2 of my favorite colors.


  1. Put a felt piece on the applicator.
  2. Put 3-4 drips of Wild Plum on my applicator.
  3. Put 3 drips of Alcohol Blending Solution.
  4. Smear in circular motion the applicator with the plum ink on glossy cardstock. (If the ink dries out or loses the color you want add more Wild Plum and Blending Solution. )
  5. Drip Eggplant alcohol ink directly on the glossy card stock.
  6. Drip Alcohol Blending Solution directly on the glossy card stock.
  7. Drip Wild Plum Alcohol Ink directly on the glossy card stock.
  8. Continue dripping until you get the effect you want!
  9. Let this dry.
  10. Stamp the Agapanthus Cluster Stamp using StazOn Jet Black on the alchol ink background.
  11. Pull a piece of acetate and cut it to the size of the first piece of art.
  12. Lay the acetate on the background. (This will help you stagger your flowers by determining where you want to stamp the white flowers.)
  13. Ink up the Agapanthus Cluster Stamp with StazOn Opaque White Ink and stamp on the acetate.
  14. Pop up the corners of the acetate with pop dots and put a gem over the top of these to hide the pop dots.
  15. Mount the background and acetate on a piece of black cardstock.
  16. Attach the black cardstock to a card made of purple cardstock.


  • Adirondack - Alcohol Inks - Wild Plum, Eggplant, Alcohol Blending Solution
  • Stampendous - P107 Agapanthus Cluster
  • StazOn Ink - Jet Black, White Opaque
  • Gems - Purple

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