Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring really?

We decided to not take our usual trip to Arizona for spring break.... Looks like we were in for a surprise. We are doing staycation and hanging out at home for a week and the first day of our spring break we are in a snow storm. It was hard to envision 4 - 7 inches of snow after all the beautiful spring like weather we have been having. But here are the pictures to show that it did happen. My husband and my youngest went out and did some sledding in the yard and made this cute little snow reindeer?
I then went out in thier footsteps / sled path and took a few pictures.

I do have to say it is absolutely beautiful outside right now. The trees are all painted with snow and it is absolutely gorgeous.
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  1. What a beautiful view!! My girls would love to play in that snow! :)

  2. Who would have thought we would see pictures like this! Looks like your family are enjoying it too! My son, who is still at home, would be very happy to see this outside of his window!

  3. So so so familiar!!!!
    Gorgeous fun!!!! What a Spring Break, eh! Our last day is today.. Sniff...
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and peak at your adorable family!


  4. Oh my goodness! I hope it isn't heading our way. I have had enough winter for one year.

  5. Beautiful photos! Kansas City received 6 inches of snow this weekend too!

  6. How fun! What a surprise instead of AZ too!


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