Friday, May 22, 2009

Orange, Browns and Yellows again...

I started with two challenges and only ended up with finishing one. But one of the challenges was a color challenge which I didn't finish. So that is why I have my yellows, oranges and browns again.

Today has been a bit challenging for me.. Do you ever have those days where you get up and something goes wrong and then everything you touch after that you break or it doesn't work. Well that has been me today. This card was about the only thing I finished without breaking. :)

The HA blog challenge is to go green. I re-cycled a piece of cardboard from packaging from Making Memories. They have the cutest background in their little accessories. This was a light blue grid paper. Unfortunately, I stamped so many colors you can't see it.

Thanks for stopping by...

I am not even going to attempt putting down the products today. I bet I would get them wrong.



  1. Hi, Suzz! I have totally had days like that! Hope it turns around for you soon! :-)

  2. What a gorgeous BG and the flowers on the ribbon are beautiful the way you used them.


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