Saturday, January 24, 2015

Intuitive Painting

Happy Saturday to you... I spent a good part of this morning playing with paint.  The Mixed Media Place has Creative Gym challenges and exercise #4 is to try intuitive painting.  This is easy to do but requires letting go and just painting which turns out was harder for me than I thought.

I loved my backgrounds but struggled with the second part which was to identify shapes and turn them into things.  I ended up with a few that I really loved and had a few flops.

I'll start with one that surprised me when I finished it as I really liked what I doodled. 
 I started with a mix of paints on my craft mat and added a bit of water to make it blend.  I then laid the paper down and picked up a few different tags on Mixed Media paper.  When that was done I splattered green paint onto the surface.

I looked at the to blotches of orange and thought i will try drawing a few flowers on the splotches.  I liked them but hen there was all that space...  I started circling the tiny green specks and the other spindly flowers became a garden which made the whole thing work.  I then went into my Verses Rubber stamps to find sentiments.

I cut the ends off of my tag and left it in a shape that I can put on a card.

 This was a very structured paint approach I dragged the paint down the tag in stripes of colors and added circles.  When it was finished and dried I decided to stamp some of my DarkRoom Door stamps on the tag and add another sentiment that doesn't get used very often.

Next up a very simple scene.
 I saw a skyline and a path coming towards me.  I outlined it with a black micron and stamped the sentiment along the bottom.  The bottom tore as I was cutting it and I decided to tear the bottom.

 I saw a bird in the big blotch of blue with a orange head.  I decided to draw a bird with his wings slightly spread as if preparing for flight.  I decided to add the music because the birds are always singing.

Lastly I just pulled a butterfly stamp and added it to the beautiful painted background.

 And one of my backgrounds waiting for inspiration. I actually see a wing shape in this and maybe I will try to hand draw one onto the paper.

 A very fun creative and relaxing day.  A good way to spend time getting my mojo kick started!



  1. Suzz, I enjoyed reading through each description! How fun to see what comes about and then doodle:)

  2. Sue, such beautiful colors and stamping, I love the second one especially, the background goes so well with the stamp!

  3. These are wonderful!
    You've got a lot of talent with that pen! I hope you'll continue with more. I love them! (Your drawings would make beautiful stamps!)

  4. WOWZERS! Gorgeous backgrounds and You have quite the talent for drawing!

  5. Wow! You have really done a great job with the background colors and seeing those wonderful scenes in them! This seems to be right up your ally! My favorites are the bird (you drew that???!!!) and the butterflies! Love! And oh, so inspiring!

  6. WOw!! You did a great job!! The little birdy is so cute!! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!

  7. Absolutely fantastic! Great works of art! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!

  8. Just caught the bird tag on Pinterest and had to come by to say how much I loved it - even though it's from the dim and distant past here!! Gorgeous intuitive work, especially on that one, I think. And the colours are so atmospheric too.
    Alison x


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