Tuesday, May 26, 2015


On pinterest I saw the cutest graduation mason jars and decided to copy the idea.  We have lot's of graduations this year in the family.  My daughters have friends as well who are graduating.
We did two versions of the jars some have money and the others have candy in the colors of the schools that the recipient is going to.

Here is all of the jars queued up waiting for the parties.
 I found a couple of packages of tassels at the store which made the toppers easier. I cut mini cards and put a black brad in the center.
 I stamped a sentiment to put in the center but haven't attached them so she can sign them before I put them in the card. 
I stamped a sentiment on the tissue paper diploma attached on the top.

Have a great day!



  1. How fun is that!! So clever to put school colour candies for the recipients!!

  2. Well this is just fabulous Suzz! LOVE the idea, so creative and what a great gift too! The little diploma is such a great touch! hugs :)

  3. Oh....how cute and clever these are! Thanks for sharing.


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