Thursday, July 9, 2015


Hello and welcome back.I am featuring all DarkRoom Door stamps including the new Shipping tag stamp.   Which had a lot to do with how this card turned out.

The shipping tags stamp is actually three tags in one stamp layered over each other.
I thought it would be cool to stamp it multiple times cut them out and layer them with images stamped on each piece. 

I used the bicycle image to stamp on the top tag and bits of the brick on the second tag and part of an arch on the middle tag.  I think it turned out pretty cool.  I stamp stonework in my background panels.

I love how striking black and white can be.  I actually tried a panel with the bicycle with touch of red and ended up pitching it and going back with the black and white.

Products: Darkroom Door: Shipping Tags, Photo Stamp Bicycle, Background Stamps - Stone, Enjoy Life

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  1. That looks awesome in black and white Suzz! I love that stamp and how the tree over the doorway really stands out too!

  2. Oh wow!!! What an amazing card!!! Love it!

  3. Oh this looks fantastic!! Love the idea of the three tags layered up like that and the black and white colouring really makes it stand out from the crowd! Fantastic card!!


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