Saturday, November 19, 2016


Well the weather finally decided to turn today. :)  We are seeing our first set of snowflakes and bursts of cold gusts of wind.  I figured why not share my snowflake ornament created for Darkroom Door using their new Snowflake background.  I even have a few step by step shots for you.

 This all started with a series of white snowflakes cut using the Sizzix Snowflake die. The bigger the die cut the easier to put them together.  Also you need an image that is symmetric for this to work.

Then I stamped each snowflake with the snowflake background using the Versamark embossing ink.

 After I stamped the snowflake with the ink I sprinkled a shimmery clear embossing powder. (I used Stampendous Kaleidoscope embossing powder one of my favorites.   You could also use clear embossing powder and sprinkle ultra fine crystal glitter onto it while it was still warm to get a shimmer.
 I then played with different dye inks to see what color I wanted my snowflakes to be.  I chose a gray dye ink, but I have to say the coral was really pretty!

 I did make a mistake because I didn't sponge the back side of the snowflakes in the same color. If you do this when you put together your ornament and if you don't line it up perfectly you won't be able to tell. :)  If you do sponge the dye ink on the back side.  Do this first before you stamp the other side and heat set the dye ink so when you assemble them the tape/glue will stick. I find that the dye ink has so much moisture that sometimes tape won't stick unless I dry (heat set) the ink.

Now to start the folding process...
 You will need to crease the snowflake down the center. I used my bone folder and my cutting board to line up the center. It is tough on those small ends to get it folded but work on the main crease and you can then work on the ends individually. 

You need to fold all your snowflakes.  I used five snowflakes on mine but you can decide how many you want and how full your snowflake is.

Once they are all scored you can now attach them to each other.  I used tape on mine but work with whatever medium you like. I used a stronger tape and my tape gun to get them to stick together. 
 Keep attaching them together until you have one left.  Then you are going to put your hanging device in the center with any charms you want dangling below the ornament.

I just used some thread and created a loop on one end and left the pieces hanging out the other end to tie my pearl charm to the bottom. 
 I really had to lighten the photo up for you to see the snowflake shape.  This makes me appreciate the cold weather as the snowflakes are beautiful!

Keep warm,




  2. Love it, going to try it this weekend! Thanks :)

  3. Beautiful ornament Suzz, lovely idea. Love your step by steps. The dangle is the perfect finishing touch. Tracy x

  4. Hi, Suzz!! Wow! This is a wonderful idea for a snowflake ornament! I bet the shine is even a thousand times more gorgeous in real life. Your step by step is great and makes me feel like I have a chance at it. I really love your charm as well. It seems like tassels are the thing now. They're all over every jewelry department. Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!!


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