Tuesday, January 17, 2017

To Circle or not to Circle

Howdy!  I am back to share my second card for a 16th birthday. I created the same concept for the sentiment on both card bases.  I stamped the sentiment and numbers on white mixed media paper while I had the letters out and lined up.
On this card I decided to do a gradient shading of coral, orange, and yellow dye inks.  I sponged on the colors.  When I was done the card was pretty but lacked in any depth.

I then decided to use black and add the harlequin stencil to the background in various places.  I then sponged the edges with the black as well.  I finished with splattering of the inks and white paint. 

I added a hint of white outline to the sentiment.  Then I left it for a day and came back and felt like it still needed more movement or depth.
I brought in more circles black and white varying in sizes.  I love the effect but may still tweak it to see if the sentiment can pop more.

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