Saturday, January 14, 2017

Doodley Doo

Over winter break my daughter asked me to create a canvas inspired by some she had seen on pinterest. It involved doodling lots of doodled flowers and leaves.  I was hesitant as I had not done any doodling successfully before.  I used the doodles on pinterest as my inspiration and created her canvas.  This inspired me to use the same concept on a 16th birthday card.

This was an interesting process as each step along the way I wasn't sure of how it looked or if I liked what was being created.  My advice is to go with it because you will be surprised by how it looks when you finish. :)

I was pleased with the end result of my doodling and more importantly my daughter liked it too!

I started with mixed media paper.  This would have worked even better with watercolor paper. I stamped the words and letters with Stampendous clear alphabet stamps lined up on a clear block with lines to help keep the letters straighter.

I then took a sharpie with a fine point and drew the flowers, leaves, and other images.  When I did the canvas I used a pencil on a gessoed surface.  I was able to erase most of my pencil marks but try this out before you spend a large amount of time and find the eraser is not removing the pencil marks.  After the pencil is done and you are happy you can then use the sharpie to draw the permanent outlines.  I tried a micron and another pen I had and a few of them tended to bleed.  So try all of your doodles on the surface before putting it on canvas or on paper.

After that I used a waterbrush and watercolor paints to paint the mix of colors.  The beauty of this is that you don't have to paint in the lines.  It is more of a free form painting and having extra or too little color is acceptable.

Well a long post for a simple project and I hope it inspires you to try doodling some lines on your next project.



  1. Great post, love how you explained the process. I have also been unable to remove pencil marks and suggest using a 6H or higher pencil as it is much lighter than a 2B. Good tip on testing black pens that bleed--I've had pretty good luck with Pitts and Gelly Rolls in this regard.


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