Thursday, October 1, 2009

ATC's on Parade

Here are two more ATC's created for the Hero Arts Blog Challenge...
I had this stamped foil from pieces I was trying out for a foil class I am going to be teaching. This little one I liked and kept on my desk to see if I could use it. So happy it found a home on the ATC. I will probably bring it along to class to show another way to use foil.

The blue part of the ATC is actually the packaging from some gems I recently purchased. The cardboard had a lovely pattern already printed on it and I just stamped the raindrop background on it and embossed in silver embossing powder.

The pink half of the ATC is patterned paper that Jacqueline sent to me. (Thanks Jacqueline) and I decided to use that and add a faded flourish using a light grey ink.

The silver embossing was because I wanted to accent the foil piece.

The second ATC is from background paper that I created for the video I never finished. :) I stamped the three trees first using a pigment ink. I then stamped the larger designblock tree over and clear embossed it. This gave me the perfect resist to add another layer of reds, browns, and oranges.

I finished off the trees by adding a little color pencils to the trees to make them pop again. I wanted to embellis this but really loved the little vignette so I just added the photo corners and the little myArt stamp in the corner.

I also wanted to mention that I was awarded an Honorable Mention over on the Caardvarks Sketchfest Challenge. I was very honored especially when you look at the other honorable mentions. A great list of people who all are fantastic at cardmaking.

Have a great day!



  1. Oh Suzanne, these are really wonderful...I just love your artistry and how you add just the right components to make something so perfect. Wonderful ATCs!

  2. Love your ATCs, Sue!! They are fantastic, love them!!

  3. Especially love the 2nd ATC Suzz!!!!

  4. Gorgeousness!!!

    I love that tree one! Such a beautiful fall look! I'll have to try that!

    And a big congrats on your HM!! That is a super inspiring list and you are all so darn talented! So good to see your name right there!

  5. oh - I love the tree atc and would love to see the video on how to create - it is beautiful!

  6. Oh my goodness...what delightful ATC's. Just love the tree one in particular. And congrats on your honourable mention. You deserved it...great work should be recognised!!!!

  7. These are amazing! Love the colours! And congratulations!!!


  8. Fabulous ATCs, the colours are just delightful.

  9. Congratulations on your HM! Both of your ATCs are beautiful. I hope you get to finish that video someday as I'd love to see it - your tree ATC is stunning. Thanks for explaining your technique! I'll have to give it a try.

  10. Gad, I love them both. The vintage brooch look on the first is wonderful and the colors and resist with the pearls on the second is just lovely!

  11. Por fin tengo el PC funcionando. Felicidades por este reconocimiento, desde luego mas que merecido, este precioso tarjeta de los arboles es fantástico, decir que me encanta es poco,. El tarjetas de las partes, recicladas, es bueno usar lo que tenemos, todos esos recortes y reciclaje, colocarlos es muy dificl, sin embargo tu no tienes problemas, es realmente muy creativo. Me encantaria trabajar verte, si estuviera cerca, clases una te pediría, enhorabuena. Bss.

  12. Snuck over here from Cardvarks and oh my gosh, this card rocks my world!!

  13. I had to go back to look at your ATC with trees once again. It is so beautiful, and I'm a lover of techniques. I'm very disappointed you didn't find the tutorial. Did you use watercolour paper? How did you add your red and other colours and with what ink?

    Thanks, and hugs,



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