Friday, October 30, 2009

Roses... Oh My....

Every year my MIL and SIL with a few other friends will go to a flower show. You buy tickets to get in and the money goes to the local school. The best part is that is it a raffle ticket for the arrangements you are about to see.

They usually have 3 or 4 local florists who create different arrangements on a stage and they bring around other arrangements with them. They have a host/hostess who bring up each arrangement and describe them including the flowers, pottery, etc.

I was having a funny day yesterday with some spills, and other mishaps. I asked my youngest DD to give me some luck before I went to the show.

These were what I was lucky to walk away with. My SIL and I always joke about the different arrangements and when they were presenting this I kept telling her it was my ticket.
So when they called off my name we weren't really paying attention because we were laughing. There are 44 real red roses! Gorgeous is all I can say. The florist who created this always makes one showpiece at the show with roses. WOW! My kitchen smells fantastic.

My daughter (who gave me the luck yesterday before the show) when she saw these this morning said. "That must have been too much luck".

I have been in a little bit of a creative slump the last couple of days. I tried Louise's tag challenge which was piecing and ended up with this tag.

I haven't been able to create anything I liked for a few other challenges I have been playing with and we are getting ready to go into the Halloween weekend so I think I will be a little busy and not have too much time to create anything.

Hopefully I will get a little stamping time tonight.

Have a great day...



  1. Hello Lucky Girl!! Those roses are so beautiful.. I can smell them all the way over here!

    I KWYM about the slump... But I did help the kids with their costumes and got to use a few scrappy supplies!!!

    Take Care!

  2. So happy you got the roses Sue, hope it encouraged you! Your tag is gorgeous!! Those colors just give it that lovely vintage look!

  3. Preciosas, las rosas son mi flor preferida, es la flor de mi horóscopo. Enhorabuena, seguro compraste Más de un boleto, Siendo para una buena causa.
      El tag, soberbio, como siempre, me encanta.El Sello de la jaula y el pajarito, perfectos.
      Feliz fiesta de brujas, aquí Empieza a celebrarse, era algo que no se ha celebrado nunca. Las modas de vosotros Están entrando en nuestro pais. Besitos.

  4. This tag is adorable! Love this beauty! Gorgeous roses!


  5. Oh Sue, beautiful roses! So glad they are brightening up your day and your home! How nice! Your tag turned out gorgeous, looks like there is no flaw in your creativity at all! Keep up the great work and have a spooky Halloween! ;) Hugs!

  6. LOVE the tag...and Congrats on the Flowers...they are just Gorgeous!!!!

  7. Wish my slumps were this good! It really is a cutie bird! Wow! on those roses! Congrats to you.

  8. Congrats, Sue! Gorgeous gorgeous roses!! Gorgeous tag, I think you are out of your slumps!! Love it!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. Suzz - that was a lucky win. I can just imagine the wonderful smell of 44 roses... it is awesome. I love your wee tag too,.. It is very vintage looking.

  10. Those roses are beautiful! Love your tag, too!!!

  11. Wow lucky you Sue, what a beautiful arrangement of roses. Love your tag. The background is gorgeous and the bird and raffia look great together.


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