Monday, February 22, 2010

The snow fairies were hard at work

I wanted to share what it looks like outside and took some of the pictures of our backyard and the gorgeous snow covering everything. Of course Emma had to come along with me to explore and eat the snow. I called her name so she would stop and look at me. I think I am getting attitude from the dog "What do you want now?"

This is the back corner of our lot... What you don't see is the busy interstate road running behind it. We get a lot of noise from the road which this picture doesn't reflect at all. :)
Just some close up of my butterfly bush in the snow. The fence is behind it and it even has snow on each piece of the wire. (We have to have the wire fence in addition to the wood fence because the owners behind us have beautiful horses)

Here is what we get to see off our back porch. The best part is we don't have to do the work! But we get to enjoy the view and the smells. :)

The horse is contemplating coming to see if I have something for him. Which I didn't so it was good he decided not to come over.

These little flowers are by our pool waiting for the warmer weather to re-grow.

I don't know which flowers these are but they very invasive and have covered along the entire side of the house. Gorgeous in snow and pretty in summer as they are yellow.

And this is in a rock garden out front and it is a perennial grass that I love. I leave it up until the spring and then cut it down as it is so pretty in winter. Plus the critters like to use this as a nest year round.

I hope you enjoyed a little visit to our yard.


  1. I love wet snows like this, thanks SO much, Sue for the tour of your yard! Beautiful pics!

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos from your garden - And what a cute dog Emma is! In the Northern part of Denmark where Pia lives they have an awfull lot of snow but here where I live it´s allmost gone.
    Hugs Sanne

  3. Beautiful back yard in the winter.... but as I am basking in a late summer heat wave, I shiver a bit seeing the wintery weather. Even in the depths of winter, Auckland does not get snow....Sounds like the States is having a very snowy winter.

  4. Hi Sue, Thanks for your visit to my blog today and your good wishes. Hubby is on his way home now and said we're off to A&E as soon as he gets in. I have quite a high pain threshold so the fact that my foot (together with my knee) is so painful tells me I need it checking out to be on the safe side.

    I love the photos of your back yard. Emma looks as though she enjoys the snow as much as our Snoopy. I on the other hand, now have my reservations, Lol!

    Take care.

    Lesley Xx

  5. All this white stuff is so beautiful! Love the two photos with your darling Emma, and the adorable horse! Thanks for sharing Sue!

  6. Our property isn't quite as lovely, but you might be able to relate to my post of woe from last week....if you read it, make sure you click on the link for the 'beginning of the story' to get the full effect.

    We only got about 4" after all the crazy forecasts this weekend!

  7. Amazing snowy photos, your garden looks beautiful with its white blanket.

  8. Thanks for really was a gorgeous morning in our area!

  9. Loved the visit to your garden Sue - gorgeous photos!Emma is such a cutie! Our dog Toby loves the snow and likes eating it too!

  10. wow!! beautiful snow views, Sue! Emma's expression is priceless! so cute! thanks for sharing! Hope to see your beautiful flower when Spring comes!! =)

  11. WOW... totally beautiful photos, Sue! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Breathtaking and beautiful! I've never seen so much snow.....except for snow cones!!

  13. Snow can be pretty when it doesn't completely bury everything. Nice photos.


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