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Friday, August 6, 2010

RAKS with Strawberries

I wanted to share some special things we (me and my youngest Tanya) received in the mail from the wonderful Heather.   I had seen the cutest little knitted hat on her blog. (She is very talented not only in card making but also in stitching and knitting) I had mentioned that my youngest would love a hat like that. Heather offered to create one.

This is a picture of Tanya wearing her wonderful strawberry hat and a second little hat doll sized.  Tanya ran upstairs to get her doll and put her hat on to model for the picture.

She also included this hat which Tanya loved too..

In addition she sent the cutest card for Tanya with a little girl with knitting needles. I can't share a picture because it was addressed to Tanya and she took it up to her room and didn't want to share as it was her card. :)  But if you go to Heather's blog you can see it here.

I too received some goodies including this gorgeous card! This picture doesn't nearly reflect how beautiful the card is!

Thank you Heather!!!



  1. What a treat to see these photos, Suzz! Tanya is such a cutie! And doesn't she look fabulous in her hats!?! How sweet of Heather! Her card is amazing! Love when she plays with that flower!

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos Suzz. The hats are so cute as is the young lady modeling them. No wonder Tanya looks so pleased. The card you received is pretty special too.

    Lesley Xx

  3. How sweet of Heather! Your daughter looks so cute, and so does Barbie! I love Heather's card, too. She does amazing work with that flower stamp! So talented!

  4. what a fab package Suzz. your daughter is very pretty.

  5. Oh my gosh, super gorgeous knitting projects!! How lovely is that hat and matching one for the doll! I love it!

  6. How luck are you to receive such nice gifts. Love the strawberry hat.

  7. What a treasure Heather is, Tanya looks so pleased with her hats. It is just wonderful how this craft unites us all over the world... I just look around my craft room and see cards and RAK's from USA and Canada to Denmark, Germany, France, England, Ireland... just incredible

  8. those knit hats are so cute!! your girls look fabulous in them!! Heather is so sweet!! thanks for sharing those yummies!

  9. So sweet of Heather to send those sweet creations, Tanya looks so cute in them:-)Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Sue, it's lovely to see Tanya wearing her hats and I'm so happy she likes them! She's so cute and has such a great smile! Thanks so much for all the wonderful things you said too!


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