Friday, August 14, 2015

Color Bursts

I have been busy with other projects that will be shared in the future and was happy to have time to play around with some new color bursts. 
 I was trying out the brusho's and color bursts and found the color bursts worked better for these because of the squeeze bottle on the bursts which allowed me to squeeze the colors in puffs where I wanted it. 

I stamped the image using versamark onto mixed media paper.  Then I puffed a light dollop of color on the versamark areas.  I used a very find tipped paint brush to ensure the versamark and a light coating of color on the surface.  The remaining powder is fine on the the background.   Then I spritzed with water.  The first card was spritzed lightly so most of the powder did not fully explode and dissipate.  On this card I will need to seal the surface because if it comes in contact with water it will continue to exude more color and lose the speckling.

The next card was spritzed to a lot more spreading of the color. I used a baby wipe to pick the excess color.
 I added the touch of blue after I finished the orange.  I just sprinkled a touch of blue powder and hit it with a touch of spray and again dabbed up excess water/color with a baby wipe.
For my last card I followed the same process but added a lot of water to the flowers and picked up excess with wipes/paper towels.  After it dried I added the blue with sprinkling the powder, wetting with water and then taking away excess color and water with baby wipe dabbing the color.  I repeated until I got the effect and color I wanted. 

Products:  Hero Arts - Wildflower, Penny Black - Tiniest Thing, Memory Box Sentiment - Birthday, Ken Olivers Craft Color Bursts.

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