Friday, July 29, 2016

See the Light

Happy Friday!  Things have been a whirlwind here with my day job and family activities. My poor craft room might even be gathering dust!  (The only room in the house that usually doesn't collect any. :)

I saw something on pinterest today which peaked my interest and this project was inspired by an idea of how to re-create the effect.
The project on pinterest was a layout which looked like stripes of color behind a photograph.  That had me thinking how I could create a faux tissue tape of color. 
Here is how I achieved the stripes of color in the background or my faux washi tape:
 I took a piece of cardstock and cut it to the approximate size I wanted my background. (I ended up cutting it down further after I finished stamping and everything else)

I used tissue tape and tore it up to give me rough edges.  I framed the edges of the cardstock with tissue tape.  I put two full length strip of tissue tape on the sides to keep a clean edge.  Along the top and bottom I added layers of torn tissue tape to create the faux tape edges.

I left a few gaps in between the pieces along the top and bottom to allow a bit of color to seep through.  I then came back with a thinner tissue tape and taped off a few stripes in the middle. I would have liked even a thinner strip but was pleased with the end result.

After all the tape was laid out I just started sponging in the different distress inks to get a variety of colors blended together.  (Worn Lipstick, Festive Berries, Antique Linen, Fossilized Amber)

After I was happy with my colors I pulled up all the tape. Now I had a background for my stamping.  I also took a few pieces of tissue tape and went the other direction and tore pieces to apply on the background.
 I added splatters of the distress inks and some paint in the background to add additional colors and spots.
I hope you have a fabulous weekend!



  1. Really like your composition and swatches of color! Nice!

  2. Clever technique, lovely result!

  3. Gorgeous collage and great effect with the colors. I love how the splatters just pull everything together.

  4. What a lovely mix, Sue! Love the vintage feel of this with the warm colors and black and white!

  5. Completely fabulous Suzz!!! I love how you've achieved those strips of colour and the design is simply superb. LOVE it xx

  6. Saw this on my blog feed and it grabbed my attention - what a wonderful creation. Love everything about it x

  7. Thank you for sharing your step by step card creation, love the effect!

  8. Such a pretty card Suzanne! Love the burst of color! Thank you for keeping my family in your prayers :)

  9. Looks great - I am inspired now too! :)

  10. Looks great - I am inspired now too! :)


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