Friday, July 8, 2016

Tag Love

Welcome.  I have been having a bit of a challenge with Tim's tag for this month.  He created a beautiful tag mixing up two of his techniques.
He used a glaze resist and a layered die cut technique.  The glaze I have had but hadn't used for anything before. I was happy to pull it out and experiment. 
I couldn't quite get what I had imagined in my mind onto the tags and tried two color variations and different techniques to apply the glaze. 

The glaze goes on like Vaseline and will create a slick moist coverage and prevent anything from soaking into the image.  Because it is like Vaseline a lot of it goes a long way.  You only need a tiny bit which gets spread around.  Also as you can see around the head and along the bottom that using your fingers on a fine detail doesn't work you need a pencil tipped applicator. I even had a third attempt that I didn't share here where I used an eye shadow applicator which still didn't keep it applied closely.  For the purple image I used a tool intended for blending colored pencils.

I love the idea of the glaze and am going to keep playing around to see if I can achieve some different effects.

Have a lovely Friday!



  1. I love your take on Tim's July tag! Both are so romantic and lovely. I really can't pick a favorite. I've never used the micro glaze, but seeing your results here makes me want to impulse shop-lol!

  2. Love your experiments Suzz and keep playing as the glaze does produce some great effects xxx

  3. When Tim first introduced the glaze, I remembered those occasions when, in the middle of a project, I realized that I couldn't do what I wanted because the next step would alter my distress stamping. How useful a product would be at times like these. But to create from scratch with the sole intention of using this product seems a bit more challenging and I admire your experimentation and the tips you've provided.

  4. So beautiful tag! Really amazing work! ;-)

  5. Beautiful Suzanne! Looks like you mastered the challenge! Thank you for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers :)

  6. Both of these are divine! LOVE the brides!!! Gorgeous tags and take!


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