Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to make the Doily Lace Circle

I had an email request to share how to make the border on the circle on this card:

I am going to share with pictures. Sorry... Video would have required one of the kids helping out and I was able to take a few pictures.

Step 1: Cut out a circle. I cut out a 6 " circle for my example shown below. I also removed the guide on the corner punch. this allows you the ability to punch along the edge of a card or a circle.

Step 2: Line up the edge of the cardstock against the "V" intneded for the corner of your paper to fit into it. Make sure that both sides of your cardstock are pushed up against the "V" to ensure you are straight.
Step 3: Squeeze the handle to punch. This punch tends to pull when you squeeze the handle so make sure to keep the paper against the metal edges flat when squeezing. Your first punch should look like below:

Step 4: After you have your first doily on the edge you are going to put the punch back on the edge of the circle and you want to line up the left side of the punch to slightly overlap with the previous punch. Hopefully you can see a little bit of metal peeking through in the bottom part of my punch. Once again keep the cardstock edges pushed up against the metal "V" on the bottom of the punch an keep it in that position when squeezing the punch.

Step 5: Your circle edge should now look like this:

Continue on until you get to the last one. It may not line up 100% and you may overlap a little but just center it between the edges and punch your last one. I promise you know one will notice you have one not in center. :) Or cover it with a flower like I did on my card.
I hope that helps! Next time I will try to get one of the kids to help with a video.


  1. Wow, what a great idea. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi, Suzz! Nice tutorial! :-)

  3. Fantastic instructions. Thanks!

  4. What a gorgeous, gorgeous card Sue - it is so PRETTY and feminine! I have seen these punches that make a circle, so effective on your card! Love how you used the friends stamp!!

  5. Gorgeous card, Sue!! Thanks for the instructions!

  6. Wow, great tips!!! Thanks for sharing, Sue!

  7. You have such great ideas! The only corner punch I've used for borders was the round one, now I have to dig out all my old punches!

  8. You had to do it, Sue! Another punch I need! What a really gorgeous card. Absolutely elegant and so feminine too!

  9. I forgot to tell you what a great tutorial too!


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