Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Mushrooms...

I woke up today and saw what the snow storm had created right by my front door... SNOW MUSHROOMS!

We are still sitting in the middle of a small snow storm getting around 8 - 10" of snow.
I wish I could say I have been sitting here enjoying being cooped up and stamping away but actually I have been doing chores and working on taking down our Christmas decorations down. :( The house always seems so empty after we put everything away...

Hope you enjoy my snow mushrooms!


  1. OH my!!! How cute is this photo???? I love your 'mushrooms'. Great eye!

    I hear ya on the empty house after the Christmas Decor is gone!!! Our house seems so much bigger now!

  2. How funny! You may have discovered a new species of mushrooms.

  3. Thanks for showing us these! We have similar piles of snow around here, too! Pretty if you don't have to go outside and drive in it! (Fortunately I don't!)

  4. How totally beautiful! A real Winter Wonderland! TFS, Suzz.

  5. Karen Hi What a lovely picture you captured yes the house does seem empty when the tree is down and family have left for home

  6. What a brilliant photo - thanks for sharing!


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